Our Team

Jamie Holyoak

Chief Remote Pilot & Commercial DaaS Manger

Jamie Holyoak is the Chief Remote Pilot & Commercial DaaS Manager and has a Cert III in Aviation, Cert IV in Spatial Sciences and RePL Sub 25kg. Jamie is the commercial manager of Rippercorop, and that role encompasses Drones and Data as a service that Ripper provides to all clients. Jamie manages day-today operations regarding the business, and the wide variety of projects Ripper is working on. Jamie also offers specialised project consulting to scope and recognise project needs. 

Jamie specialises in spatial sciences, fauna and flora environmental sciences projects, such as koala spotting and weed/pest management, and renewable energies. 

Robotics and automation are future-facing concepts that are increasingly in action, so to be part of the technology revolution and being able to influence its evolution is a unique position that Jamie feels privileged to be involved in. Jamie also loves working with people to make their experience, whether they’re a customer or staff member, to be one where their unique objectives are realised. 

Outside of Ripper, Jamie enjoys working on, and driving, old Japanese imported cars!

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