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Ripper Alliance

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Entering the RPA industry can be challenging due to the various requirements that must be met, including obtaining licenses, acquiring insurance, establishing contracts, and procuring hardware. At Ripper Corp, we understand the difficulties involved in this process and are here to help with the Ripper Alliance.

The Ripper Alliance aims to cultivate positive partnerships that increase revenue, alleviate the stress of the initial stages of starting a business, and accelerate the success of your organisation.


Add training to your services

Offering RPA training can be a highly lucrative addition to your business, but many organisations are hesitant due to the costs, instructor availability, equipment needs, and insurance requirements. Ripper Corp can help you capitalise on the benefits of offering RPA training without having to worry about these potential obstacles.


Acquire more commercial work faster

Not all commercial work is feasible for every organisation due to a lack of necessary hardware, insurance, or technical skills. This can lead to missed opportunities. By partnering with Ripper Corp, we can help you take advantage of every opportunity and maximise the benefits of this lucrative work.

Make a change for the better

Ripper Corp is pushing the boundaries of what drones are capable of, including replacing costly and environmentally damaging practices such as the use of fuel-burning aircraft and labor intensive legacy practices. By joining the Ripper Alliance, you can be a part of this positive change.

Why join the Ripper Alliance?

Leaders in drone training

Ripper Corp's team of instructors has extensive experience and has trained thousands of students. Some members of our training team have thousands of hours of experience in their respective aviation fields.

Increase your business’ footprint

Ripper Corp is a national organisation serving clients throughout Australia and internationally. We assist organisations in overcoming any limitations they may have and expanding their service offerings and we can help you too!

Leverage our pilot capabilities

Do you want to increase your profits from your RPA business? The Ripper Alliance can help by using the resources and network of Ripper Corp to improve the delivery of your services.

Hardware, software and people to help

The RPA industry has many overheads. By partnering with Ripper Corp, you can access our hardware, software, and other resources to enhance your capabilities or offer training using our experienced instructors.

Expand how you do business.
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