Ripper Alliance

The Ripper Alliance, led by Ripper Corp, was established in early 2020 by founding members;  Ripper Corp, Australian UAV, Agronomeye, and Swoop Aero, to support the recovery efforts, following the bushfire crisis.

The Ripper Alliance brings together specialists across a variety of disciplines connected to, or complementary to, the drone industry; such as search and rescue, drone operations, aerial mapping, AI analysis, data collection, processing, and analytics.

The Ripper Alliance is made up of member companies, all independent from each other, each with their own specialist capabilities. Alliance members agree to a code of conduct based on mutual respect and cooperation. We come together for large-scale projects or specialist work where a multifaceted approach makes sense for quality and efficiency. Member companies are ‘trusted allies’, who can come together quickly when needed to meet the needs of large-scale or complex projects.

While the initial focus of the Alliance was on the urgent bushfire recovery in 2019/20, and in particular the rescue of injured wildlife, our long-term vision is to develop a multi-faceted approach for front line initiatives, focusing on three main areas of operations, research and development, and education.

The benefits of the Alliance to its members include the ability to scale up, increase brand awareness,  and expand technical and operational capabilities. 

“We have a strong vision for the future and are excited by all the possibilities and efficiencies this new technology can bring to a wide range of sectors and projects including Australia’s current bushfire recovery and future firefighting efforts. We want to invest our time and expertise into long-term strategies for Australia’s fire management and recovery.”

Andrew Chapman - Co-Director & CTO, AUAV.


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