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Leading the way in the management of assets and infrastructure

Here at Ripper Corp we’ve developed advanced technology and sensors to provide asset and infrastructure management services throughout Australia. 

These dedicated services will allow your business to enhance your core management capabilities and streamline maintenance processes.


Smart drones with
smarter capabilities

Traditionally, asset management and infrastructure maintenance have been time-consuming, costly, and resource-intensive tasks. 

Drone technology is changing the way large infrastructure and assets are inspected and maintained. 

By using smart technology and various sensors, such as RGB, thermal, and multispectral sensors, we can capture images and footage to gain valuable insights and improve efficiency.

Combining these data points, we can then generate a detailed report on the asset or infrastructure.

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Why infrastructure sectors
are utilising drones

The construction, asset management, and infrastructure industries have turned to drone technology to improve and streamline their inspection processes

Infrastructure can be challenging to access, especially if it is located in remote or dangerous areas. Drones offer a safer and more convenient way to inspect such structures.

This smart alternative to manual inspections is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

The Ripper Corp team can inspect a
range of assets & infrastructure

Bridges & Largescale Infrastructure

Inspecting large-scale infrastructure requires advanced technology and innovative solutions.

Ripper Corp can help you streamline the inspection process for your biggest assets using drones, allowing you to view all aspects of the inspection from the convenience of your office.

Roads, Footpaths & Bikeways

Inspecting and monitoring roads, footpaths, and bikeways has never been easier with the use of drones.

You can quickly and cost-effectively visualise these assets from your desktop and identify components that require maintenance. This efficient solution saves time and resources while providing valuable insights.

Sewer Lines, Water Lines & Stormwater

Using drone technology, you can inspect hard-to-reach assets such as sewer lines, water lines, and stormwater systems with ease.

Drones allow you to access locations that were previously impossible to reach and identify maintenance needs efficiently, saving time and resources.

Site Progress

For large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, ongoing inspections and progress reports are essential. Ripper Corp simplifies this process with drone surveying services, providing easy monitoring of site progression.

Require an inspection for something else?

Do you have another infrastructure asset you think drone technology could help monitor? The team at Ripper Corp would love to hear from you.

How we support organisations with asset & infrastructure management

If you have an infrastructure asset that you think could benefit from drone technology, the team at Ripper Corp would be happy to discuss it with you. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

SaaS reporting input generation

Ripper Corp uses intelligent drone technology and smart software to inspect and monitor infrastructure assets, providing reports to you and your stakeholders.

We understand the metrics that are most important to you and will input data as we inspect your assets, generating reports that clearly show your maintenance needs. Our services streamline the process and save you time and resources.

Imagery and video inspection capability

Our drones capture images and footage of your infrastructure and assets, which we then incorporate into a customised report for you.

This gives your team visual access to previously inaccessible aspects of your infrastructure, providing valuable insights and saving time and resources.

Using drones to inspect your infrastructure and assets will speed up the process, save you money, and improve efficiencies.

Variable sensors

Our drones are equipped with advanced technology, including RGB, thermal, and multispectral sensors, which allow us to gain valuable insights and data during inspections, even in challenging conditions or hard-to-see locations.

By using the appropriate sensors and technology for each inspection, we can ensure that you have the right tools for the job and that the process is efficient and error-free.

Ripper Corp is the leader in drones. Here’s why:

A specialised fleet

Ripper Corp offers some of the most advanced drone capabilities in the country.

In addition to our expert pilots, we have a dedicated and specialised fleet of drones designed specifically for asset and infrastructure inspection needs.

This ensures that we have the right tools and resources to effectively meet your requirements.

DJI Certified Trainer

DJI is a global leader in the production of drones and the development of cutting-edge drone technology.

As the exclusive authorised DJI Trainer in Australia, Ripper Corp offers CASA-certified drone pilot certificate courses to help individuals and organisations utilise this technology safely and effectively.

Superior customer service

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions and support for all of our clients.

Our clients are from both the public and private sectors have and we have established long-term relationships with with them because of our innovative approach, comprehensive capabilities, and exceptional customer service.

Nationwide training

The Ripper Aviation Academy is a multi-faceted, accredited training institute that is at the forefront of the remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) industry.

We offer a range of RPA training programs that are available online and in-person across Australia.

Ready to join the future of drones?

Drones and drone technology are in an era of innovation. Ripper Corp is the team leading that innovation from the front. You can view our courses and their upcoming dates or request a callback to engage us for your drone operations.