World leading search and rescue program.  

The Little Ripper Lifesaver has been in operation since 28th February 2016.

Over the last five years the Little Ripper Lifesaver has become a world leading search and rescue program representing the next evolution in coastal safety, with the ability to rapidly identify and respond to incidents with specialised unmanned aircraft.

Little Ripper offer a suite of sophisticated and multi-rotor UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones) tailored for search, rescue and lifesaving operations.

Little Ripper UAV’s have been developed specifically to save lives. The Little Ripper Lifesaver rescue fleet can deploy a variety of rescue devices, sound alerts to swimmers in danger, live-stream data back to control centres in ultra-low latency, detect sharks, and drop sea-marker dye to track objects or people in the water.  Little Ripper rapid response teams can react quickly and get to swimmers fast and efficiently to save lives.

World’s First Recorded Drone Surf Rescue

The Little Ripper Lifesaver performed the world’s first drone surf rescue in stormy seas off the coast of Lennox Head, NSW, Australia on 18 January 2018.

Sharkspotter World’s First AI enabled Shark detection system for UAV

The Ripper Tech team have worked closely with our research partners, University of Technology (UTS) to develop an Artificial Intelligence (Ai)system for our Little Ripper Lifesaver drones to enable the detection of a variety of marine threats with high accuracy, in real-time. Ripper Sharkspotter can detect sharks.

Crocspotter World’s First AI enabled Crocodile detection system for drones

This technology allows for faster reaction times to potential threats at beaches and water ways. Crocspotter has been developed by The Ripper Group in partnership with UTS, Amazon Web Services and Surf Life Saving Queensland.  

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