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Ripper Corp leads the drone industry in the evolution of technology and training

Have a unique problem? We'll find a unique solution for you

We specialise in providing custom solutions to unique problems using drones. Not only do we help you find a solution, but we also train and equip your team to ensure the success of your strategy.

Already have drones but need support deploying them?

At Ripper Corp, we understand that every organisation has different needs when it comes to drones. If you have a clear idea of how you will use drones, we can help your team build the necessary skills through a customised training plan.


Customised training programs delivered across the nation

Our team at Ripper Corp will create a personalised training program for your team, tailored to their current abilities and your organisation’s specific drone requirements. 

This ensures that your team is prepared to effectively utilise this technology from the start. 

We offer training across Australia and can conduct sessions at your work site or at an alternative location.

T30 Training

We’re the leaders in drone training

Ripper Corp is known for its expertise in the development and deployment of cutting-edge drone technology

Our team of accredited trainers has been selected by DJI, the top drone manufacturer, to be their exclusive training provider. 

Our training division offers a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that our students are thoroughly educated and prepared for various drone-related scenarios.

Ripper Corp AAFC

We’ve supported a range of sectors & organisations to integrate drones into their business

Mining, Construction & Infrastructure

We have experience working with a variety of mining, construction, and infrastructure organisations.

Through our drone training services, we've empowered these teams to use drones for tracking project progress, conducting inspections, and identifying maintenance needs.

Council & Local Government

Councils and local governments are discovering a range of uses for drones, including community safety, asset and infrastructure management, and disaster relief efforts.

They are constantly exploring new ways to utilise this technology and here at Ripper we're assisting with the implementation and deployment of these innovative initiatives using drones.

Large Enterprise Teams

Large enterprises are utilising drones for a variety of tasks, such as monitoring and surveying, to create safer and more efficient processes that save time and resources.

These practices are helping to streamline operations and reduce costs and challenges for their teams.

Ripper Corp is helping these teams align their operations with specific tasks, establish safety procedures, and ensure that all team members have the necessary training to work with drones safely and effectively.

Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up or a small business looking to incorporate drones into your operations, we can design a customised training solution for you.

We have experience working with a diverse range of industries, ranging from including photography to agriculture and everything inbetween.

Charities & NFPs

At Ripper Corp, we're proud of the impact we have made in the charitable and non-profit sectors.

From our pioneering work in search and rescue with Surf Lifesaving Queensland to our support for the Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) during the 2020 bushfires, we're committed to helping organisations make a positive difference.

Is yours next?

At Ripper Corp, we are enthusiastic about the potential of drones and are excited to work with new industries to develop innovative solutions.

Your organisation could be the first in your sector to discover the full capabilities of drones and use them to revolutionise your operations. Reach out today and see how we can help you.

Ripper Corp is the leader in drones. Here’s why:

We pull off groundbreaking ideas

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Ripper Corp. That is why so many organisations have trusted us to help them find creative solutions to their most pressing challenges using drones.

DJI Certified Trainer

As the exclusive authorised training provider for DJI in Australia, Ripper Corp has access to the latest training techniques and equipment to ensure that your team is fully prepared to use drones effectively.

This partnership with the leading drone manufacturer enhances the quality of our training services.

Pioneering how drones are used

From spotting wildlife during bushfires and delivering rescue devices to those in need, to developing intelligent algorithms and AI solutions, we're at the forefront of drone technology at Ripper Corp. We have a history of pioneering innovative uses for drones.

Powerful & positive relationships

At Ripper Corp, we value the relationships we've build with our clients and are proud to have a strong network of connections across a variety of industries that use drones. Our extensive experience allows us to offer valuable insights and resources to our clients.

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