Ripper Tech

We are committed to continuing the development of our award-winning hi-tech solutions to enhance the search and rescue capabilities of our drones. 

Together with our Research Partner University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Ripper has developed their Spotter AI software using AI to detect marine life such as sharks and crocodiles, with Sharkspotter, and Crocspotter. Currently in development is the expansion of the suite of the Spotter© technologies will include (RipSpotter©, DistressSpotter©, PeopleCounter©, etc), and the suite of sensors (multi and hyperspectral, Thermal Infrared, LIDAR, LASER, etc), and enhanced processing capability with higher bandwidth and efficient onboard processing.

In particular Ripper Live, the development of our ultra-low latency of less than one second when live streaming data from drones to the Internet will be further developed for commercial applications with UTS.

We are Industry Leaders

  • First to design drone mechanisms for dropping rescue lifesaving devices capabilities such as two and four-person flotation tubes, marine and land pods, mini-defibrillators, dye markers, electronic shark repellents, etc
  • First to deploy a siren on drones to warn swimmers of rips and dangerous conditions
  • First to design megaphones in several languages to communicate with people in the water
  • First to develop a real-time artificial intelligence shark detection capability from a drone, which has been shown to have a 93% accuracy
  • First to develop a crocodile detection capability from a drone
  • First to deploy an artificial intelligence capability on drones to distinguish between sixteen types of marine life and hence assist in marine conservation.
  • First to transmit this situation data information for first responders to the cloud with a minimum latency of a second, thus enabling instant response in emergency situations
  • RipperLive, Our ultra-low latency for livestreaming has been demonstrated around the world working with Amazon AWS which will enable fast frontline decisions by experts working remotely off-site


  • 2020 Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology of the Year Merit Award
  • Industry Champion for Innovation
  • Research and Development Project of the Year
  • Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year
  • Community Service Award
  • Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Innovation of the Year

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