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We take our responsibility seriously

At Ripper Corp, we’re deeply committed to the well-being of our environment and communities. 

We believe that every organisation has a social responsibility to make a positive impact, and we’re striving to do exactly that in the RPA industry.



Our partnership with
Surf Life Saving Queensland

Ripper Corp has partnered with Surf Life Saving Queensland to transform lifesaving efforts through the use of drones and Ai. Surf Life Saving Queensland aims to achieve zero preventable deaths in Queensland’s public waters, and we are proud to assist in this goal.

The Bushfire Recovery Initiative

The Ripper Rescue Alliance was established in response to the devastating bushfires in Australia in 2019-2020, with the goal of providing rapid assistance. 

The Alliance consists of three main units: Operations, Research, and Education. It brings together leading experts in search and rescue, drone operations, aerial mapping, AI analysis, data collection, processing, and analytics to provide comprehensive support for bushfire recovery efforts.

The Ripper Alliance is supported by top academics, researchers, and scientists from various fields and institutions, with the goal of advancing a long-term vision. 

It was founded by the Ripper Group, with founding members AUAV and Swoop Aero. We approach the Alliance with a collaborative mindset and welcome any requests for support in the recovery efforts in Australia.

A highly innovative organisation

SLSQ (Surf Life Saving Queensland) has a long history dating back to its first official rescue on a Queensland beach in 1909. It was formally established in 1930 and has since become a pioneering and innovative organisation. 

SLSQ has 57 surf lifesaving clubs with members patrolling 8,000 kilometers of the Queensland coastline from Port Douglas to Rainbow Bay. 

Over 34,000 Queenslanders are volunteer members of a surf lifesaving club, and more than 462,000 are members of an affiliated supporters club.

Ripper Corp’s involvement

From July 2020 to May 2021, Surf Life Saving Queensland carried out 2,645 rescues, 640,068 preventative actions, and 44,571 first aid treatments. 

Building on Ripper Corp’s expertise as the global leader in drone search and rescue deployment, training, research, and development, SLSQ aims to incorporate its advanced drone and AI technology into current surf lifesaving operations and broader disaster response efforts. 

SLSQ’s investment in Ripper Corp will greatly contribute to the organisation’s goal of zero preventable drowning deaths in Queensland’s public waters.

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An impressive lineup of expertise

The team at Rippere are experts in the use of cutting-edge technologies for data collection, identifying plants and animals remotely, and conducting research in both man-made and natural environments. 

Our aim is to provide the professionals working on bushfire crisis and recovery with the best available tools to enhance their capabilities, increase their reach, and gather data for actionable insights. 

By combining our expertise, we can offer cost-effective, innovative, and high-tech solutions to disaster and recovery efforts.

The Ripper Alliance will keep evolving as more disciplines are gathered to complete the tasks and challenges given to us by front-line services. Our applications have the capabilities to assist in all areas of rescue and recovery, from the local business level to regional areas and remote communities.

Social responsibility

Launch Project: WIRES

The Ripper Alliance was formed in response to the devastating bushfires in Australia in 2019 and 2020. 

We initially partnered with WIRES, the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia, to help rescue and support surviving wildlife affected by the fires. 

We also conducted research on the use of drones as a rapid response to drop food and water in affected areas.

The alliance brings together experts in search and rescue, drones, aerial mapping, AI, data collection, and analytics to provide assistance in recovery efforts. 

Our goal is to provide front-line services with the best tools and technology to enhance their capabilities and provide data for actionable insights. 

“We’re delighted to support WIRES in helping our precious wildlife. Together with the Ripper Group – we’re bringing technology from the beach to the bush, to survey our environment, rescue injured wildlife and provide important intel on the state of their habitats. It is a fantastic example of organisations coming together and thinking outside the square to help some of our wildlife to recover.”

Ross Miller, CEO of Bushfire Recovery at Group

All aspects of Bushfire Recovery

Our expertise in high-tech solutions and data collection allows us to provide valuable insights and information to front-line services and organisations working in disaster and recovery efforts. 

We have a strong commitment to using our skills and resources to make a positive impact in our communities and the environment.

A strong vision for the future

Our goal is to utilise drone technology to safeguard communities and their natural surroundings through effective fire prevention and management methods. 

Our approach includes large-scale automated detection, direct fire support, and even self-flying firefighting aircraft. 

Our aim is to create local, frontline initiatives that enhance effectiveness while minimising the danger to human lives.

Ready to join the future of drones?

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