Rescue Drone for Natural Disasters & Public Safety

Ripper M30

Pioneering search and rescue

Ripper Corp has been leading the way since 2015. In that time, we’ve partnered with Surf Lifesaving Queensland and achieved the first water rescue using a drone. 

The Little Ripper saved two teenage boys from wild surf at Lennox Head Beach in 2018. Since then, we’ve rescued thousands of people and Ripper is now considered the go to company for all things related to emergencies, disasters, as well as search and rescue.


Drones designed for
search & rescue

At Ripper, we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect the things that matter most to us. Search and rescue is at the core of our mission, and we’ve developed specialised drones to support these efforts.

The Little Ripper drones are specifically designed for rapid response teams to quickly reach and assist those in need by deploying a range of rescue devices and communication tools. 

We’re committed to using the latest technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of search and rescue operations.

Pilots trained for
the SAR role

Not just anyone can fly search and rescue missions using RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). That’s why Ripper has a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced pilots who are ready to take on this important role at a moment’s notice. 

Our SAR pilots have extensive experience operating in search and rescue and disaster recovery situations and are familiar with the rules and regulations governing these types of operations

In addition, we have established relationships with the relevant authorities to help you with all of your SAR and disaster recovery needs.

The Ripper Corp team can handle a range of disaster and emergency situations

Drone operations are the future of search and rescue and disaster and emergency management. Organisations across Australia partner with Ripper Corp to enhance their response capabilities in these situations.

Natural Disasters

The use of drones is transforming the way natural disasters are managed, from providing search and rescue capabilities to delivering supplies to isolated communities.

By leveraging this advanced drone technology, organisations are able to more effectively and efficiently handle the challenges posed by these events.

Emergency Services

Ripper Corp has supported numerous emergency service teams in conducting search and rescue operations and situational spotting and reconnaissance using drone technology.

Our drones have live feed capabilities that allow us to streamline communications between teams on the ground and in the air, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these missions.

Fauna Spotting

During disaster situations, Ripper Corp uses drone technology to assist responders and local communities in searching for lost livestock and other fauna.

Our drones can be used for both day and night operations, allowing us to support your team in the most effective way possible.

Fire SAR Operations

Drones are now an essential part of search and rescue operations related to fires.

They enable disaster response teams to locate and identify active and post-fire fronts, and we have had success using drones to find missing persons and fauna in these situations as well.

By using this advanced technology, we can more effectively and efficiently support those affected by fires.

Beach & Coastal Rescue

Ripper Corp is proud to be partnered with Surf Lifesaving Queensland and has been at the forefront of using drones for search and rescue operations.

Our teams can work alongside your manned search operations to provide a comprehensive approach to lifesaving.

By combining the latest technology with traditional methods, we're able to more effectively and efficiently locate and assist those in need.


Thermal spotting and starlight spotting enable Ripper to assist search and rescue teams in identifying missing persons.

At Ripper Corp, we train rapid response teams to be able to react quickly and save lives in emergency situations.

By staying up-to-date with the latest advances in drone technology, we're able to provide the highest level of support to those in need.

We'll support your teams in
emergencies & disasters

Thermal Spotting

Thermal spotting allows us to gain visibility in dense woodland and vegetation, enabling us to easily identify shapes and features in these challenging environments.

This technology is particularly useful during night operations, when visibility is often limited. By using thermal spotting, we can more effectively and efficiently search for and locate missing persons or other objects in these types of environments.

Starlight Spotting

Starlight spotting gives us true night vision and allows us to identify shapes and features in greyscale darkness, as well as thermal targets.

This technology offers us versatility in foggy or misty conditions where thermal spotting may not be effective. By using starlight spotting, we can more easily search for and locate objects or missing persons in a range of environments, even when visibility is limited.

Zoom RGB Spotting

The zoom RGB spotting feature on drones allows for the scanning and magnification of small areas, particularly useful during night operations.

A spotlight is used in conjunction with this feature, which is most effective following thermal or starlight spotting. Its high-zoom range makes it ideal for search and rescue missions, as it can identify warning and distress signals from a height of up to 12 meters.

Ripper Corp is the leader in drones - Here’s why:

Purpose built

Ripper Corp is a leader in drone technology for search and rescue operations. We have a specialised fleet of drones designed specifically for emergency response.

DJI Certified

As the only authorised DJI Trainer in Australia, Ripper Corp offers CASA-certified drone pilot certificate courses. DJI, a leading global manufacturer of drones, is at the forefront of innovation in this field.


Ripper Corp has established strong and positive partnerships with organisations throughout Australia. These relationships have enabled us to make significant advancements and innovations.

Ready to join the future of drones?

Drones and drone technology are in an era of innovation. Ripper Corp is the team leading that innovation from the front. You can view our courses and their upcoming dates or request a callback to engage us for your drone operations.