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  • Jason Young
    Chief Financial Officer

    Jason Young

    Chief Financial Officer

    CEO Jason Young’s background is in sales and management within the sports and motorcycle industries. His broad skill base includes business development, account and client support, and staff management and training. He has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the supply chain, from B2C brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce to national wholesale distribution, product development, and marketing.

    His firm belief in the importance of building lasting and trusting relationships across all areas of the business, from staff and suppliers to customers and communities, underpins his management style and is key to his success to date.

    Jason has been part of the Ripper team for over four years, from the start-up phase to deployment with first-hand experience across all areas of the business. His previous roles included Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Manager. His expertise is in building and managing the right teams and developing key strategic partnerships to grow the Ripper brand in Australia and around the world.

  • Colin Frew
    General Manager – Commercial and Finance

    Colin Frew

    General Manager – Commercial and Finance

    Colin is an experienced Director, CEO, and General Manager with over 30 years of experience in the commercial and finance sectors. A well-respected executive leader, Colin has a proven history in strategic planning, change management, business growth and innovation, financial management, project management and sales.

    Colin has held senior executive roles both in Australia and Internationally working with ASX and NFP organisations including Jupiter’s, Tabcorp, MSL, Brisbane Racing Club, and Southport Yacht Club, where he was CEO.

    Backed by formal qualifications in finance and business, Colin is an affiliate of the Australian Centre for Management Accounting Development (ACMAD) and the Australian Institute of Marketing (AIM). He is a recognised public speaker and university lecturer and has consulted to some of Australia’s largest NFP organisations including Surf Life Saving Qld.

  • Leanne St George
    PR Media Manager

    Leanne St George

    PR Media Manager

    Leanne St George’s expertise as PR Media Manager has been a key factor to Ripper’s outstanding media coverage over the past four years; with over 6927 media reports with a cumulative audience of 125,408,967 and an ASR of $20,393,289.

    She is director of Leanne St George & Associates and has worked with an impressive range of national sports and performance events and major sponsorships such as the Surf Life Saving Series, cricket, horse racing, golf, polo, V8 Supercar Championship Series, Indy car racing and Australia’s three major football codes of Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Australian Rules Football.

    Leanne has traveled extensively on behalf of clients in Australia, New Zealand, China, and USA, and has worked with high-profile clients such as News Limited, Australian Rugby Union, Ferrari Australia, Alfa Romeo, and Polo Events Australia.

  • Jamie Holyoak
    Chief Remote Pilot & Commercial DaaS Manger

    Jamie Holyoak

    Chief Remote Pilot & Commercial DaaS Manger

    Jamie Holyoak is the Chief Remote Pilot & Commercial DaaS Manager and has a Cert III in Aviation, Cert IV in Spatial Sciences and RePL Sub 25kg. Jamie is the commercial manager of Rippercorop, and that role encompasses Drones and Data as a service that Ripper provides to all clients. Jamie manages day-today operations regarding the business, and the wide variety of projects Ripper is working on. Jamie also offers specialised project consulting to scope and recognise project needs. 

    Jamie specialises in spatial sciences, fauna and flora environmental sciences projects, such as koala spotting and weed/pest management, and renewable energies. 

    Robotics and automation are future-facing concepts that are increasingly in action, so to be part of the technology revolution and being able to influence its evolution is a unique position that Jamie feels privileged to be involved in. Jamie also loves working with people to make their experience, whether they’re a customer or staff member, to be one where their unique objectives are realised. 

    Outside of Ripper, Jamie enjoys working on, and driving, old Japanese imported cars!

  • Darren Frogatt
    Chief Remote PIlot

    Darren Frogatt

    Chief Remote PIlot

    Darren is a Commercial Pilot (CPL) and has a few additional endorsements to his name. He has a degree in Business and a Diploma of Aviation and is a Ski, Snowboard and Wakeboard instructor! He holds RePL Multi Rotor, Powered Lift and Aeroplane categories, and type rated on all of our current Medium Category (>25KG) RPA. 

    At Ripper Corp, Darren does quite a lot. He essentially acts as the interface between CASA and the Academy itself. He looks after the ‘getting things done’ part of the business. As CRP, Darren’s job is varied and he fills gaps wherever needed when possible. He builds Ripper’s training courses, works with our technical writing team to build those courses into the legislative end of Ripper’s Operations Manual and Libraries, and approve (or disapprove) all of their flight operations under their Remote Operator’s Certificate. 

    Darren issues RePL licenses, gains approval and permissions for flight from CASA and other bodies. Additionally, he also issues Radio Operator’s Certificates and conducts all proficiency checks within the Academy. He is also passively responsible for injecting humour into the many Zoom and Teams meetings where appropriate. 

    Darren has been flying commercially in General Aviation (GA) on and off for a while, and loves teaching. He’s been flying models all his life and flying drones for about five years. The unmanned space is far more accessible when compared to commercial aviation, so in his mind, it made sense for him to follow his passion and share it with others. 

    As a part of Ripper, Darren loves the teaching aspect of what he does. Being able to deliver his knowledge to those who have never had any experience previously is invaluable and he strives to make it relevant and fun for all involved. The RPA landscape is so dynamic so it’s great to be able to put in the effort, build awesome training, get it approved and then deliver it. 

    Being involved with drones has given Darren the chance to see lots of amazing things – sharks, spotting and tracking and photography cinematography with DJI RPA. 

    Outside of work, Darren stays as fit as he can by running and/or cycling most days. As a P.O.M, he likes to get back to the U.K when he can and irritate his friends and family with his Australian accent, which he makes sure is very strong when he’s over there. He also loves travelling around Australia, camping and adventuring. Accompanied by his son, they love everything aviation (surprisingly) so they spend a lot of time dreaming up weird contraptions or modifying existing ones – so they can fly remotely – such as $10 Kmart Gliders! They have a Ragdoll cat which is very good at not only sleeping but playing hide and seek. He’ll appear from nowhere, airborne with legs splayed out and attach himself to your face or upper body briefly. Makes for great daily entertainment when Darren and the family aren’t flying RPA or big shiny aeroplanes.

  • Nige Austin
    Business Development Manager

    Nige Austin

    Business Development Manager

    Nige Austin is the Business Development Manager for the Ripper Academy. He has over a decade of experience building tech startups and management consulting in greenfield markets across a wide range of industries and sectors.

    Nige is committed to driving transformation and mass-market adoption of next-generation technology solutions which deliver real-world ROI. He is a member of the Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc (ACUO) RPAS Aerial Application Sub-Committee which is working with State Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) departments to develop the policy framework for drones in agriculture in Australia.

    Nige has held management positions across Consulting, Strategy, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Health & Safety, Finance, and Digital Marketing to name a few. He holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, is currently furthering his studies in aviation and has a fascination for everything emerging in UAV.

  • Jenae Hinwood
    Business Development Manager - Commercial

    Jenae Hinwood

    Business Development Manager - Commercial

    Jenae is the Business Development Manager for Ripper Corp Commercial Division. She has over 20 years experience in management and solutions consulting across a wide range of industries. Jenae prides herself on understanding the clients needs and finding the best solution that suits. She has built her entire sales career not based on the industry she worked in, instead on this one basic fact, get to know people, ask questions, and listen, the rest takes care of itself.
    A person is only ever limited by their willingness to have an open mind!

    Since its establishment in 2015, Ripper Corporation has led the world in the utilisation of drones for search and rescue, developing among other innovations the first “droppable” surf lifesaving rescue pod in addition to SharkSpotter and CrocSpotter recognition technology, which are all underpinned by AI algorithms. Alongside their work with surf life saving they offer everything from RPAS training, to commercial strategy and surveys. Who wouldn’t love working for a company like this? The drone industry is fast paced and forever evolving making Ripper Corp an exciting company to work for.

    Outside of work, Jenae enjoys being an amateur rally car driver, and motorbike enthusiast. She loves anything with an engine and speed.

    • Bachelor of Behavioral Science (Psychology)
    • AIM Graduate Certificate in Business, Graduate Certificate in Operational Excellence, and Graduate Certificate in Business Operations
    • Amateur rally car driver, and motorbike enthusiast. I love anything with an engine and speed.
  • Damien Boyer
    Lead Instructor & Academy Development

    Damien Boyer

    Lead Instructor & Academy Development

    Damien holds a Commercial pilot’s license, a Grade 1 Flight Instructor rating and Taecert 4 Training and Assessment. This is accompanied by a multi engine command instrument rating, and sub 25kg MR + Night Powered lift sub 25kg qualifications. 

    He is responsible for training the students, deploying rapid Reoc for clients, growing academy development and assisting in new proposals and submissions to CASA. Damien also helps Darren to create and develop new training courses. At Rippercorp, Damien loves learning new things about the drone industry and Ripper is always looking at getting the latest in drone technology, so to be a part of that is always exciting. 

    Outside of work, you’ll find Damien riding his prized motorbike, flying planes (which he still does professionally on the weekends), rowing single skulls to keep fit and spending time with family and friends. 

  • Will Harvey
    Maintenance Controller / Technical

    Will Harvey

    Maintenance Controller / Technical

    As our Maintenance Controller/Technical specialist, Will has qualifications in Sub 25kg and night rating. He is also studying a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering with Robotics and Aerospace minors. He will also be obtaining his Powered Lift Rating soon. 

    Will manages and maintains the fleet of aircraft at Ripper, keeps the records up to date and building their Little Ripper platform. Additionally, he tests any new systems that are going to be integrated into the company and participates in some R&D as well. 

    He strongly believes that the Little Ripper platform and all the improvements Ripper is doing is of great importance to the safety of the community, not only on the beach, but in all environments. Working at Ripper, he also loves that all the co-workers are passionate about drones and what they can do to help humanity, which makes the work environment extremely enjoyable. 

    Outside of Ripper, you’ll find Will chasing his love of sports, watching and playing anything from cricket, to NRL and basketball. He also loves building his own designs and tinkering with his 3D printers and flying his own drones. Will also appreciates and loves cars, both driving them and fixing them!

  • Will Hagan
    Business Services Manager - SLS & Commercial

    Will Hagan

    Business Services Manager - SLS & Commercial

    Will Hagan is Ripper Corp’s Business Services Manager – SLS & Commercial. Despite being new to RPAS technology, Will is passionate about helping shape the future of an emerging industry, and the broader impacts on society. Having over 20 years experience in Surf Life Saving, Will is working with lifesaving organisations internationally to implement RPAS services into their operations, to enhance their emergency prevention and response capability.

    “Drone technology has the potential to reshape how we work, how we learn, and how we interact. Through sharing this understanding and developing capability, we’re directly helping to save lives, create safer communities, and improve business efficiencies.”

    Will has previously ran his own leadership coaching and consulting firm. He holds bachelor degrees in psychology and mechanical engineering. Outside of work, Will can be found trail running, surfing, or building unique craft projects.

  • Lisa Bryant
    Academy Business Development Manager and Special Projects Officer

    Lisa Bryant

    Academy Business Development Manager and Special Projects Officer

    Lisa is our Academy Business Development Manager and Special Projects Officer within Ripper Corp. She has a long list of qualifications, which can be seen below: 

    • Currently completing Bachelor of Training and Development (University of New England)
    • Certificate IV TAE40116 – Training and Assessment (2005-Current)
    • Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)
    • Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership
    • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Level 2 Award Leader / Assessor
    • Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
    • Diploma of Fitness
    • Certificate IV in Health Services
    • Licenses and certifications
    • Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) Sub7kg/ Sub25kg / NVLOS
    • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)

    Lisa is specialised in training and course development e-Learning, digital and face to face, LMS platforms in student management, and deployment to industry. She is also specialised in Training and Development for Corporate and Enterprise, Industry Partnerships and Special Projects.

    Additionally, she specialises in Unmanned Aviation and Technology Deployment to Industry, Specialised training for educational institutes, industry professionals and global industry partners. Unmanned Aviation Study Pathway Extensions to Industry (ASPEI).

    Outside of work hours Lisa is an active member of staff with the Australian Air Force Cadets roles include Administration Officer, Instructor of Cadets, Community Engagement Spokesperson, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Leader (Level 1 / Level 2).

  • Rob Brus

    Rob Brus


    Rob Brus is a highly experienced branding, marketing, and online advertising expert with over 20 years of industry experience. Rob’s primary areas of expertise lie in sales and Google advertising and analytics. He is highly skilled in leveraging these platforms to deliver tangible results for his clients.

    In addition to his extensive marketing and advertising experience, Rob is also a qualified private pilot and holds a ReOC license. These qualifications have given him a unique perspective on the importance of safety, precision, and attention to detail, which he applies to his work every day.

    When he’s not busy with his professional pursuits, Rob is also a part-time YouTuber. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise with others, and his channel is a popular destination for anyone looking to learn more about marketing and advertising in the digital age.

    Rob is a highly motivated and passionate individual who is deeply committed to delivering outstanding results for his clients. His unique blend of skills and experience make him a valuable asset to any team or organization looking to grow and succeed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

  • Brad Mason
    RPAS Instructor/Assessor

    Brad Mason

    RPAS Instructor/Assessor

    Brad Mason is Ripper’s RPAS Instructor/Assessor and has qualifications in the following: 

    • A RePL for Multi-rotor, Fixed Wing and Helicopter drones
    • A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
    • CASA Instruments to train and assess Aviation Radio (AROC) and General English Language Proficiency (GELP)
    • And over 300 hours of flight time

    The story of how Brad got into the drone industry involves being forced into a career change after experiencing a work injury (many moons ago) and recognising that helicopters were his second passion. He developed a drone from a model helicopter, taught himself how to fly it and then applied to CASA for a licence. That was back in 2002, the same year that CASA promulgated the first drone regulations, so he’s been in the industry ever since the start of commercial drone operations in Australia. 

    Working with Ripper comes with many benefits, but the below are the ones that Brad loves most about what Ripper does: 

    • Working with a reputable company at the cutting edge of industry tech and the phenomenal people he gets to work with
    • The challenges posed to develop solutions to make our technology operate safely in everyday dynamic environments
    • Developing world class RPAS training courses and passing our knowledge to newcomers to the industry

    AI enhanced flight operations are pretty special and will continue to break new ground, and Ripper Corporation is right there at the forefront of it which is great for Brad to be a part of. Their Koala spotting operations at night, particularly the recent water-based flight ops, demonstrate a level of operating experience that is second to none, and highlights the efficiency and efficacy of drones over conventional environmental research methods.

  • Luke Medwell
    RPAS Pilot

    Luke Medwell

    RPAS Pilot
  • Nic Dyson
    RPAS Instructor/Assessor

    Nic Dyson

    RPAS Instructor/Assessor

    Nic Dyson is an RPAS Instructor/Assessor. His drone qualifications are sub 7kg, sub 25kg and night rated with a total of roughly 4600 flights and 560 hours flight time.

    His introduction to the drone industry was through Ripper, as they were running a joint program with a local job provider known as ETC to help skill and employ struggling young adults. Nic excelled within the two week RePL course and was offered a position as a pilot within Ripper.

    What Nic loves most about his job at Ripper is its uniqueness in applications that they are able to develop for safety through drone technology and being able to teach others about how awesome drones can be.

    As for his coolest drone experience, it’s hard to pinpoint the coolest thing he’s seen or done with drones, but highlights include: a mother whale teaching her calf how to slap, dolphins surfing waves and clearing the water at the beach with our rescue drones with a siren because a shark is way too close to the swimmers.

  • Mark Phillips
    Senior Pilot

    Mark Phillips

    Senior Pilot

    As a Senior Pilot, Mark Phillips has a wide range of qualifications, including REPL Sub 25KG Fixed Wing, REPL Sub 25KG  Multi-rotor, REPL Sub 25KG, Helicopter and AROC.

    He first got into the drone industry by building and flying his own drones, which led to the opportunity to start a drone department for a weather company. It was here that he was Chief Pilot, Maintenance Controller and Pilot for two years. 

    The thing that Mark loves most about his job is being able to do so many different things flying drones. One day you could be doing RnD on a lifesaving dropping system for inflatable pods, and the next you could be filming world record attempts, with the next day being searching for koalas and so on. The opportunities are endless. 

    The coolest thing Mark’s seen or done with a drone is not easy to pinpoint, as there are many, but some special ones have been filming The Spirit of Australia 2 boat, passing metres below his drone at over 400KPH (trying to break the world water speed record), live streaming the opening of the Invictus Games from the Opera House and being PIC of a rescue of two kids at Lennox Heads.

    Outside of work, and family time, Mark likes to spend time with his friends or building and flying drones and R/C planes for LOS and FPV.

  • Rod Welford

    Rod Welford


    Rod Welford is an experienced Chief Executive, strategist and thought leader in energy, sustainability and strategic policy. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Griffith Business School of Griffith University in Queensland.

    Rod grew up with water safety and lifesaving in his blood. He has been a member of SLSQ and Burleigh Heads Surf Club since 1972 having been a Junior member before that. He is a branch, State and National surf competition medal winner, an SLSA competition official and served on former branch and State Boards of Examiners. At Qld State Centre, he was Chair of the Patrol and Rescue Committee in 1979-80, the first State Education Officer of SLSQ in 1980 and thereafter the first (honorary) Director of Coaching when the accreditation of Surf Sports coaches was first introduced in the early 1980s.

    While an SLSQ delegate to the national launch of the first large format Surf LIfe Saving Training Manual in 1983, Rod was simultaneously State Technical Director of Royal Life Saving Queensland and member of the National Technical Committee responsible for drafting the revised Swimming and Lifesaving Manual of Royal Life Saving Australia. During the period 1977-1982, he also worked as a Professional Lifeguard for the Gold Coast City Council.

    Rod was later elected to the Queensland Parliament in 1989 and from 1998 served as Minister for Environment and Heritage, Minister for Natural Resources, Minister for Justice and Attorney General and Minister for Education, Training and the Arts until retiring from Parliament in 2009, Thereafter, Rod became CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling, the national peak industry body for the recycling industry, a company director of multiple public and private companies. and from 2013, Executive Chairman of an international, award-winning sustainable energy design practice, Ensight. He led Ensight to win the Optus Business of the Year Award and Export Business of the Year Award in 2016.  He now works as mentor to emerging entrepreneurs, on the boards of various non-profit community organisations and provides advisory support to government, industry and community organisations.

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