Ripper Ranger

A Joint Project 

The Ripper Ranger is our new long-range search and rescue drone developed exclusively for Ripper Corp by Australian innovators Swoop Aero. 

Ripper Corp and Swoop Aero have partnered to develop the Ripper Ranger Program to deliver the next transformation in beach safety and management; harnessing sustainable drone networks to enable fast deployment of flotation devices and rapid emergency surf rescue responses in cases of suspected drownings, as well as aerial surveillance for marine dangers such as sharks.

The Ripper Ranger will be able to travel long distances along a pre-programmed flight path. 

Both Ripper and Swoop Aero have proven tech and unique approvals due to thorough research, diligence, and best practice ops policies.

The Final Stages 

Rigorous testing and product development have been undertaken to ensure the Ripper Ranger meets our high standards. Together with Swoop Aero, we are working closely with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on the required flight operational procedures and safety mechanisms in preparation for the final CASA signoff.

About Swoop Aero

An Australian-born and bred company with a global reach, founded by ex-Australian Air Force pilot Eric Peck and robotics engineer, Josh Tepper. The company has revolutionised medical delivery services by deploying long-range drone logistics networks. Swoop Aero’s managed air transport services provide sustainable, safe, and reliable delivery of essential health supplies.

To date, their services have been used by the United Nations, The Gates Foundation, UKAid, USAID and Gavi, and the Vaccine Alliance across three continents and five countries, including Malawi, DR Congo, Mozambique and Australia.