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The long-range drone
revolutionising beach safety

The Ripper Ranger is a long-range search and rescue drone developed by Ripper Corp for beach safety and management. 

It uses sustainable drone networks to quickly deploy flotation devices and perform rapid emergency surf rescues in response to suspected drownings. 

The Ripper Ranger also provides aerial surveillance for other marine dangers, such as sharks.

This long-range drone travels long distances along a pre-programmed flight path. The Ripper Ranger has been thoroughly researched with all due diligence followed.


Setting our sights on disaster responses

The Ripper Ranger drone developed by Ripper Corp has the potential to greatly impact disaster responses

It can be used to deliver food to isolated communities during floods, fires, and cyclones. 

This will not only benefit those in affected communities, but also the environment as the use of helicopters for these efforts will be reduced, leading to decreased CO2 emissions.

Supporting our isolated communities

The Ripper Ranger will revolutionise the way isolated communities receive their emergency medical deliveries. 

It will make these efforts more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, helping to bridge the gap between populated areas and rural, remote, and regional communities in Australia.

The Final Stages

We have conducted thorough testing and product development to ensure the Ripper Ranger meets our high standards. We are collaborating with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on the necessary flight operational procedures and safety measures to secure final approval from CASA.

Ripper Corp

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