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Remote Pilot Licence - B

Learning Outcomes:
  • CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
  • CASA Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)
  • RAPPP Membership
  • Location:
    Online & Face to Face
  • Course Pace:
    Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Price:
  • Practical:
    5 Hours Minimum Practical Flight

Course Overview:

  • Take on the course at your own pace:

    Undertake the Remote Pilots License (RePL) and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC) at your own pace.

    This course is ideally suited to those in full-time work, single parents or anyone who wants to advance their career and are unable to attend a full, five-day, face-to-face course. This option allows you to study all the theory for RePL and AROC in both recorded and live Zoom sessions and with all the resources available to you upon enrolment — so you can get started immediately.

  • Sit your theory exam & flight test:

    Once you feel comfortable, have studied each of the eight CASA units, and have checked your knowledge in our super helpful Knowledge Checks, you’ll be ready to sit your theory exam and take your RePL flight test.

    We’ll consider where you are in Australia and get you onto your closest and most convenient upcoming face-to-face assessment date. Here, we’ll complete your theory, any additional face-to-face theory time you need, your minimum five hours of flight, and your flight test.

  • Build your drone pilot foundations with Australia’s most advanced pilots:

    The RePL is the foundation of your career in unmanned aviation and offers multiple upgrade paths to different aircraft, aircraft systems, weight categories, night flight, EVLOS ( Extended Visual Line of Sight ), BVLOS ( Beyond Visual Line of Sight ) and instrument flight operations.

    The unmanned industry is rapidly evolving, as are the opportunities to be involved in it as a new career path or to develop your own. Training with the Ripper Academy puts you in the hands of Australia’s most qualified, advanced training pilots — some of whom are also commercial pilots in general, civilian and military aviation.

  • The best course to understand drone rules and regulations:

    This course is a brilliant way to simply expand your RPAS knowledge and get the most out of your flying. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what you can and can’t do with drones.

    We cover all CASA units of training for operations of unmanned aircraft in and around manned airspace comprehensively. By the end of the course, you’ll understand the aircraft themselves, their systems, weather, navigation and charting, publications, air law, operations, human performance and automation.


What your license means

Your CASA RePL initial issue license is a 25KG category with a 7KG restriction allowing you to operate in the ‘included’ category of commercial RPA Ops. For the commercial operation of larger RPA — whether that be for spraying, larger payloads, multiple cameras and imaging payloads, plus the majority of specialised RPA applications, RPA above 7KG are often used. You may want to consider our 25KG Night Combo Course.

The CASA Aeronautical Radio Operators’ Certificate (AROC) is also included in the course and is delivered in full online, allowing you to operate on Airband VHF frequencies for operations that require it — and understand what to say and what not to say.


Course Inclusions:

Enjoy 24/7 access to the latest CASA documentation as well as other relevant documentation for unmanned flight. These include the latest AC101, AIP, ERSA, VFRG, VTC/VNCs and various other documents and resources that are kept up to date continually.

Access your training resources, including the latest training videos of the CASA units that are relevant to your course immediately and at any time. This allows you to stay up to date with the latest developments and changes in procedure and RPAS law as they happen.

Access various additional training videos and scenarios as we publish them, giving you an exclusive insight into the industry and real-world operations.

Who it’s for:

Pilots who want to comprehensively understand RPA rules and establish the best possible qualification for themselves personally in RPA flight.

  • Anyone who wants to fly RPA up to 25KG with 7KG restriction for commercial purposes.
  • Anyone who wants to fly RPA above 25KG for commercial purposes.

Content Covered

This CASA RePL Sub-7KG Remote Pilot Licence course is delivered with a mixture of theoretical content and practical flight.

You’ll learn:

  • How to operate a 7KG Category Aircraft
  • Practical flight and advanced instruction
  • Understand aviation charts and airspaces
  • All rules and regulations associated with commercial RPA use

Course Benefits

By choosing to train with us, you get the very best without compromise. Not just now, but into the future too. Ripper Aviation Academy offers ongoing support and we’re always available to you, anytime.

  • Fly a variety of RPA
  • Train with leaders in the aviation industry
  • Receive the best, real-world guidance from trainers who’ve been in your shoes
  • Join a network of aviation professionals & take advantage of career opportunities
  • Commercial flight of RPA Sub 7KG Multi-Rotor
  • Learn how to perform the tasks you need to
  • Positioned to upgrade to Night and 25KG
  • Direct access & contact with long-time professional pilots and RPA instructors
  • Ability to upgrade to Fixed Wing endorsement, Powered Lift or Heavy Lift, EVLOS and BVLOS Operation
  • Gain instant access to our online theory component immediately after enrolment and payment.

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