Courier Mail

November 14, 2022

THE World of Drones and Robotics Congress flies through Brisbane this week exhibiting the cutting-edge technological power of drones.

Congress founder Dr Catherine Ball is a scientific futurist and drone expert and wants this year’s event to explore the convergence of drones, robotics, autonomy and AI.

One “Little Ripper” on display will be the famous Lifesaver that successfully conducted the first drone marine rescue in 2018 using inflatable rescue pods and sea marker dye.

The economic impact of drones is estimated to hit near $15bn by 2040, plus automation and robotics could add some $2.2 trillion to the Australian economy by 2030.

World of Drones and Robotics Congress is the southern hemisphere’s leading conference, providing a major economic opportunity for Australia’s future in the drones, robotics, and automation tech ecosystem.

Advanced Navigation principal product manager Michal Weiss will participate in opening the convention alongside Ripper Corporation, which made the Lifesaver drone.

Footage from drones flying across three locations and a land-based rover vehicle on the ground simultaneously will stream into the conference in real time on the big screen.

Advanced Navigation is an Australian company trusted by some of the world’s largest technology companies including Tesla, Google, Boeing and NASA with future moon landings.

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