Arrival of a new drone in a box to change security surveillance applications in WA


Cheyanne Enciso

October 25, 2022

The experts behind the rollout of a first-of-its-kind drone docking station in WA are hoping to revolutionise the way surveillance in high-risk environments, such as mine sites, is carried out.

Queensland-based drone and tech company Ripper Corporation on Tuesday announced a partnership with Singapore firm H3 Dynamics to bring its Dronebox 7th Generation (BDX G7), a vertiport drone dispatch system, to Australia.

Perth-based security integration company Western Advance will facilitate the sales of the technology, also known as drone-in-a-box, in WA.

Ripper Corporation chief technology officer and head of aviation Joe Urli said the DBX G7 was a first-of-its-kind in terms of being technology agnostic, allowing interchangeable drones to be used.

“I think this particular product will be an enabler for drones to be applied in a safe and efficient manner, which will open up a whole myriad of applications from security to surveillance,” Mr Urli said.

“It’s an enabler that brings together the technology and digital age.

“We’re removing a lot of the burden of putting people in dangerous situations or environments where it is pretty hostile in terms of heat stress.”

The technology aims to remove staff from dangerous environments such as mine sites and locations where toxic wastes, spills and radiation is present.

H3 Dynamics sales vice president Harsh Thakar said they wanted to create a workhorse suitable for remote deployment.

“We are quite excited to partner with local Australian companies to deploy the system all over Australia,” Mr Thakar said.

“With Australia’s vast distances and large masses, you do not have enough manpower to go at each and every place to do inspection.

“In WA, we are looking at deploying it for applications such as mining, as well as situation awareness and security surveillance.”

Among the clients who will view the DBX G7 during a series of flight demonstrations this week are mining giants Rio Tinto, BHP, Woodside, Chevron, as well as Western Power, Wilson Security, Water Corporation and WA Police.

Western Advance strategic business development APAC manager Jarrad Warwick said they were excited to be assisting the roll-out of the DBX G7 in WA.

“It will be great to see industry coming down to check out the new innovative solution,” Mr Warwick said.

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