Ripper Corp combines with Study Gold Coast to highlight future careers in the drone industry

Ripper Corp, home of the famous Little Ripper Lifesaving drones will be taking part in the Gold Coast Careers Festival May 5 – 7.

This is the first time the company will be participating in the Gold Coast Careers Festival and are eager to support this great initiative by Study Gold Coast.

It is expected around 8,000 attendees will visit the event at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre at Carrara over the 3 days.

In a demonstration today flying high above the Carrara stadium, the Little Ripper drones will be highlighting the many exciting career opportunities in the area of UAVs/drones. Drones provide career paths that can lead to a wide and exciting range of opportunities from AI, to wildlife conservation, tech and engineering, innovation and film.

Ready to join the future of drones?

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