Little Ripper drones partners with Advanced Navigation in a world first to simultaneously fly multiple drones along a 1000 km stretch of Australia’s coastline.

 Little Ripper Lifesaver drones today flew simultaneously along the coast of Australia from locations on the Gold CoastPort MacquarieNewcastle to Little Manly Point on Sydney Habour.  

The Ripper Corporation is recognised as world market leaders in drone search and rescue, deployment, training, research and development of drones. Ripper Corporation has combined forces with fellow Australian company, Advanced Navigation, to deliver Cloud Ground Control, a revolutionary cloud platform that can control up to 1,000 drones from a web browser over 4G/5G networks.

Advanced Navigation approached Ripper Corporation as a partner, due to the Ripper’s international reputation for pioneering search and rescue drones with their cutting edge technology. A Little Ripper Lifesaver drone performed the world’s first marine rescue by a drone in January 2018.  Now this search and rescue drone technology is used daily across the beaches in Australia.

Cloud Ground Control is Australian developed technology that allows users to connect their drones to the cloud over 4G/5G networks. They can then monitor and control their drones in real time using a web browser, looking at real time position, live camera footage and other data.

The technology makes drone operations safer by enabling a remote operator to monitor many drone operations simultaneously, ensuring safety and efficiently handling emergency situations. The technology has applications across many industries including emergency services, aerial photography, surveying and construction.

For an organisation like Surf Life Saving Queensland, Cloud Ground Control allows their control centre to have much better situational awareness over all their drone operations and respond to emergency situations faster. The control centre can access live camera streams from multiple drones in multiple locations to assess situations and even launch floatation pods, shark shield devices, sea marker dye from the drones to assist swimmers in trouble. Cloud Ground Control can also run Ripper Corp’s SharkSpotter Ai or CrocSpotter Ai in the cloud to detect sharks or crocodiles in real time and prevent tragedy.

The Ripper Corporation is also testing this technology across the bush with fleets of drones using infrared cameras in undertaking Koala Count projects to save and preserve our precious Koalas.

Drones are securely connected to the platform using either a smartphone app or a credit card sized 4G/5G modem that is installed on the drone. The system is so easy to use that no technical knowledge is required to start using the platform.

The technology features very high levels of encryption and security as well as a redundant architecture to ensure continued reliable operation even during failures.

Cloud Ground Control was developed by Australian company Advanced Navigation.

Cloud Ground Control Key Features:

  • Monitor and control up to 1000 drones from a web browser
  • High security with strong end to end encryption 
  • No drone or technical knowledge needed
  • Connects to your drones over 4G/5G networks
  • Access using a web browser from any internet-connected device

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