Nic Dyson



How long have you been working for the Ripper Academy?

I’ve been with the Ripper Corp since late 2017.

How did you first get into the drone industry and how long have you been in it?

My introduction to the drone industry was through Ripper, they were running a joint program with a local job provider known as ETC to help skill and employ struggling young adults. I excelled within the two week RePL course and was offered a position as a pilot within Ripper.

What qualifications do you have?

My drone qualifications are sub 7kg, sub 25kg and night rated. Total of roughly 4600 flights and 560 hours flight time.

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is it’s uniqueness in applications that we are able to develop for safety through drone technology and being able to teach others about how awesome drones can be.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done with your job?

It’s honestly hard to pinpoint the coolest thing I’ve seen or done with drones but some highlights include, a mother whale teaching her calf how to slap, dolphins surfing waves and clearing the water at the beach with our rescue drones with a siren because a shark is way too close to the swimmers.

Nic Dyson