Ripper Commercial

Ripper Corp offer a full suite of commercial drone services. 

Industry Solutions

Ripper Corp offer a suite of sophisticated UAV’s (drones) tailored for search, rescue and lifesaving operations.

The Little Ripper Lifesaver program has been in operation since 2016. Over the last five years the Little Ripper has become a world leading search and rescue program representing the next evolution in coastal safety, with the ability to rapidly identify and respond to incidents with specialised unmanned aircraft.

Ripper offer a suite of sophisticated single and multi rotor UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones) tailored for search, rescue and lifesaving operations. Our customised UAV’s (drones) have been developed specifically to execute multiple strategies including deploying rescue devices and communicating with those requiring assistance. Little Ripper is designed for rapid response so teams can react quickly and safely to save lives.

Dependability for the future

Ripper’s recent merger with Surf Life Saving QLD is testimony to their credibility and expertise in marine search & rescue and is set to revolutionise the way lives are saved in the marine environment around the world.

The Ripper Aviation Academy focuses on ensuring graduates are job ready by offering a more rigorous curriculum than the industry standard.

As experts in the field, working in real life situations, we are able to better tailor our training to fit our corporate customers needs. Implementing the right training program to support your drone strategy is vital to ensure ongoing continuity in safety and flight operations protocol.

Our academy was chosen by DJI, the world’s leading drone manufacturer to be their exclusive training provider. At Ripper we set the bench mark and do more than is required across legal, regulatory and safety requirements.

Safety, efficiency and customer support is our focus. Our Academy staff will work with you to customise a fully integrated training program to meet your specific needs. 

Ripper Corp was born out of crisis following the increase of shark attack and drownings on our beaches, our work has lead to ground-breaking research and specialist rescue know-how using Ai, machine learning and other industry leading technology.

We can apply our specialist payload platforms to the challenges facing many of Australia’s grassroots rescue organisations.

Data and information from our Ripper rapid response teams can arm the experts in the field with the best tools available to empower and enhance their capabilities, expand their reach and provide data for actionable insights.

Our current applications have the capabilities to assist in all area of rescue and recovery, from the local business level to regional areas and remote communities.

We have a strong vision for how drone technology can be used to protect communities and their precious wild places.

We can deliver assets and infrastructure management services, including inspection and maintenance using cutting edge technology and sensors, adding an important adjunct capability to your core management portfolio. 

The Ripper Corporation helps organisations integrate drone technology safely, legally and effectively. We provide guidance and management consultancy, training and management platform services to make sure our clients get the most out of drone technology in terms of improved safety, increased efficiency, and opportunities for innovation.

Our company not only has unique flight operation approvals it is also endorsed to deliver Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) training across a number of RPA weight classes and categories.


Stakeholder Engagement

Project Pilot Programs


Operational & Management Services

Our specialist team work with clients to ensure cost-effective and safe flight operations are implemented to achieve each client’s specific goals.

You will be supported by our companion marketing and community event systems to ensure your local and/or national teams and customers are well informed and engaged.

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