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10New First previews the use of Little Ripper drones in the fight against COVID-19 with our partners Surf Life Saving Queensland.

10New First covered a live demonstration of the Little Ripper spray drones in action on the Gold Coast.

The main areas where Little Ripper drones can be a key tool in responding to the threat COVID-19 are:

  1. Aerial spray and disinfection – Drones originally designed to spray pesticides for agricultural applications were repurposed in China to spray disinfectant in some public spaces and on epidemic prevention vehicles traveling between impacted areas. (Coronavirus is mainly transmitted via respiratory droplets and can also spread by touching contaminated surfaces. Disinfectant spray helps reduce these transmission mechanisms.). Through environmentally friendly active disinfectant agents we can neutralise the Coronavirus on surfaces in places like playground, malls, public gyms, public transport areas, sporting arenas, schools, universities, hospitals, child-care centres, aged-care facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets, factories and warehouses.
  2. Crowd Control – The Little Ripper drones have been in use over the past 4 years patrolling beaches with on board cameras with live video feed, and loudspeakers to warn people of dangers such as sharks and rips.  Now the drones can be utilised by Surf Life Saving Queensland assist in social distance messaging. The use of drones protects the lifeguards and police by allowing safe social distancing and does the job quickly and efficiently.  The use of drones protects first responders and front line personnel.

The world’s largest drone company, DJI Global has agreed to work with Little Ripper to supply and deliver the drone solution to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in Queensland.


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